Tutor Job Description

Volunteers with Turning Pages tutor adults to read (or read better) using methods that are adult-oriented and learner-lead. In addition, we help learners apply their skills in practical situations at home, at work, and in the community.

Tutors share their love for reading and learning. When asked why they decided to volunteer, some say he or she loves to read and “can’t stand it!” that someone else is missing out.

Skills and time commitment to be successful:

  • Volunteers must be able to relate to adults from diverse backgrounds and to be sensitive to their needs.
  • Pairs typically meet twice a week in 1.5 hour sessions, at our learning center or a nearby library branch. A list of locations in the Midlands can be found at this link, Meeting Locations.
  • Both tutor and learner will likely spend time outside meetings on homework or lesson plans.
  • Because the tutor/learner bond is so special, we ask that tutors and learners sign an agreement accepting responsibility for their commitment to learn.

To submit the tutor form, follow this link, Volunteer-Tutor Interest Form.