Why Tutor for Turning Pages?

Sabrina Todd answers:

Several years ago, a friend told me about her rewarding experience serving as an adult literacy tutor.   I love to teach and was intrigued. I have also known adults who could not read.  It’s hard to comprehend how much I take my ability to read for granted or to imagine what daily life would be like if I could not read.  Thinking about it gives you that awful feeling you get when you are near the end of a bad dream.  The desire to help others overcome that nightmare is what brought me to Turning Pages.  

The learner I am working with now is near the beginning of his journey. It would be easy for him to become discouraged and I am sure he has in the past.  However, he is determined and is putting in the hard work. His progress is not fast or perfectly linear, but he has read a verse of his favorite Bible story, written his children’s names for the first time, and read a couple of sentences in public. These accomplishments have impressed and motivated us both.  Few things bring me as much joy as working with him.