Innovation, the key to success

At Turning Pages, we run a lean — but not mean – adult literacy tutoring program. We have limited funds and are limited in many other resources. We don’t hire professional fund raisers. Whatever funds we attract, we have to do it.

That’s OK. It forces us to be innovative and frugal with our limited resources. An IBM study found that innovative organizations succeed.

Those which just do what they’ve always done soon run out of steam. We are committed to innovate and think creatively about how we can achieve our purpose.

That purpose is a well-educated citizenry that can meet the challenges of today’s work world. Our board serves without financial compensation. We serve because we believe in our cause.

Our tutors are all volunteers. They give three or more hours a week because it is a calling.

Our fundraising comes primarily from two sources:

  • Donations from people who believe in the purpose we serve.
  • Fun events that our supporters can enjoy and contribute to our program.

For example, we sponsored a comedy night at the Clarion Hotel this year that was successful. Our two wine dinners in Lexington helped us meet a $3,000 Rotary Foundation challenge grant. We plan more such events in the year ahead and will let you know how you can participate with us.

We are grateful for your support as a tutor and donor. We hope you will consider a tax-deductible donation to Turning Pages before Dec. 31. That way, you will be able to deduct your donation against your 2013 income in your tax filing.

We wish you all the best for this wonderful holiday season. Thank you for your support.

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