A Strategic Plan to Guide Us

The Turning Pages board has been working on a strategic plan to help us focus more effectively on our vision, mission and values. We had a great session last month with Charles Weathers, and some follow-up board sessions to work on the “homework” he has given us.

 Our Vision is that, as a result of our work tutoring adults who need to learn to read and write, that they will have the literacy skills to participate productively at home, at work and in our community.

Our Mission:  We help adults in the Midlands read and write better to improve their incomes and lives.

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That’s a tall order we realize, and with it we embrace a set of values. These values represent our core principles and beliefs. They are not negotiable and will not be compromised during the achievement of our mission. We believe in:

  • Accountability:  We are committed to establishing and enforcing expectations, being transparent and respecting legal, ethical and moral standards. We recognize that we are stewards of others’ resources.  We will make decisions with prudence to ensure we safeguard resources and assets in our care.
  • Learner-Centered Focus: Our efforts will be focused on the needs of the Learner. One size does not fit all. We will strive to “help people where they are.”
  •  Trust: Trust implies confidence.  We work to foster healthy relationships.  We understand the importance of credibility. We will demonstrate the character and competency required to maintain and strengthen our credibility.
  • Accessibility: Services will be available to those who have a desire to attain them.  We believe our services should be within the reach of those with the greatest need.  Lack of income will not be a barrier to literacy.
  • Positive Energy: We will accentuate the positive, make the best out of bad situations, and encourage healthy communication.

We hope this gives you a fuller understanding of what we’re about. We will discuss more about our strategic plan in future blogs.

Photo credit: David McKelvey