Library Love

Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from former employee and current board member Genevieve Ray Lyons.

Yesterday on my lunch break, I walked over to the Richland Library to check out a book for my book club, and I saw a Turning Pages flyer on the reference librarian’s desk! Fantastic. The libraries in Richland County (Lexington, too, for that matter) have always been pretty supportive of the work we do.  Did you know there are dedicated tutoring rooms available? That way a learner and tutor can meet in public, at the library, with access to thousands of books and magazines, yet still have a little privacy.

Once I went to the St. Andrew’s branch to introduce a new learner and tutor. I began eyeing the little study room and walked in that direction. Next thing I know,  a librarian was kindly but firmly telling me that, “Sorry, ma’am, those rooms are reserved for literacy tutoring.” I told her, that’s great because that’s exactly what we are here for! I learned that several of the libraries have these spaces, and some prefer that you make a reservation in advance, while others just ask that you give the librarian a heads-up when you arrive.

Here’s a few library images to inspire you:

The gorgeous University of Michigan Law Library:

The donor who funded the law school stipulated that any additions or expansions must be in the original architectural style. So when they expanded the law library, they built it underground. Slanted glass windows allow some natural light inside, but I love how it looks on a frozen Ann Arbor night.

The James J. Hill library in St. Paul, Minnesota:

And this cozy little library in the Hermitage of St. Bernadine, New South Wales.

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Image credits: first,  second, third. Thanks to everyone who shares their photos under a creative commons license.