I know it is summer (otherwise known as monsoon season???) but we are in planning mode at Turning Pages.  We’d like to get our space all spruced up before fall — typically around the time school starts, we get an influx of new learners and volunteers. We have a workday planned for August 17 and the agenda is set for cleaning, organizing, and redecorating. If you (or your office) happen to have some stuff that might come in handy at a nonprofit adult literacy center, please see the list below for some things we are wishing for…

wishing, donate old supplies, donate old printer, donate old xerox machine, adult literacy, turning pages, columbia sc literacy

We could especially use:

  • Large whiteboard
  • Whiteboard markers, eraser, cleaning fluid
  • Copy machine
  • Paper shredder
  • Printer
  • Laptop computers manufactured after 2010 (please wipe the hard drive clean of any files or personal data)
  • School supplies — pencils, paper, notebooks, Sharpie markers, flipchart notepads (large), or scissors

Also feel free to make a contribution earmarked for a specific item. We have a secure PayPal donation system in place — just click on the PayPal button at right. All contributions are tax-deductible — we will send you a receipt and thank-you letter for documentation.

Many thanks.

Photo Credit: Ally M.