One tutor’s story of courage and commitment

Editor’s note: Today’s post first appeared in the Lexington County Chronicle on May 30, 2013. It is posted here with permission. Lexington Publishing Co., Inc. retains all rights.

Sandra Dayse loves teaching school. She spent 17 of her happiest years in classrooms. But her life at home was something else. Sandra was the victim of an increasingly common crime.

Her husband abused her.

More than 36,000 victims annually report domestic violence to law enforcement agencies in the state, according to statistics compiled by Attorney General Alan Wilson’s office. Over the past 13 years, an average 33 women have been killed each year by their intimate partner.

Now she works in customer service for the state Department of Natural Resources and attends Life Springs Worship Center on Platt Springs Road. Based on her experience, Sandra responded to an appeal to her church for literacy tutors. Now she tutors learners such as Tammy Myers, a mother who wants to improve her limited reading skills, help her children with their home work, qualify for a General Education Diploma and get a better job to help her husband with family expenses. Sandra was born in New Jersey, taught in Nevada and North Carolina and came to South Carolina where her mother lives.

“I told God that if He would deliver me from domestic violence,” she said, “I would devote my life to serving him.”

Sandra also feels a responsibility to the community that helped her deal with her family troubles. She has taken vacation time this summer to work with Tammy and to read to children at Carolina Springs Elementary School. Sandra has found that tutoring instruction she received from Turning Pages motivating and instructive.  She believes the one-to-one tutoring that Turning Pages offers is the best instruction for someone like Tammy who suffers from dyslexia, a learning disorder that makes reading and writing difficult.

“Tammy is determined,” she says of her learner. “Everyone here wants to help her. Finally she has an opportunity to move forward in reading.”

Stay tuned for Tammy’s story…


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