Needed: More Literate Families

One of your challenges to learning and success in life is the family you inherited.

A wise child chooses his or her parents well.

You, like me, probably grew up in a family of readers. Ideas were important. You discussed them around the dinner table. Your parents read to you and taught you reading skills long before you started school.

Imagine you grew up in a family that not only did not read but could not read. There were no books in your home, not even a family Bible. What were your chances of being prepared to learn and to become a lifelong learner? What were your chances of excelling in school and winning a college scholarship?

Yes. We all know the odds would be against you. That’s why family literacy is so critical to our future.

Britain, France and Spain were once the most powerful nations in the world.

We have since eclipsed them. But are we headed toward the dust bin of history, too?

Here at Turning Pages we are exploring a partnership with the 21st Century Learners Program.

Fellow board member Allison Matthews has learned that family literacy is required in this program.

We have the prospect of working with schools to offer tutoring to the parents of our learners.

What a challenge . . . and an opportunity.

How do you define 21st-Century Learning?

It can teach such skills as collaboration, critical thinking, problem-solving and technology.

We need to teach these skills to help students thrive in today’s world.

It is not easy, instant or all the other convenient things we wish for in life.

Education must start in the home with literate parents and siblings.

That is a great challenge not just to us at Turning Pages but to our entire nation.