Twice Blessed

Our Executive Director, Chris Mathews, is a man of many talents! This former high school drama teacher tutors several adult learners and runs the office at Turning Pages, but he also writes in his (limited) free time. Here is a poem he wrote to honor our tutors at our most recent Volunteer Appreciation Drop-In.

Twice-Blessed, by Alan Christopher Mathews

The gift you give
We thank you for.
For changing new words
Into new worlds.
For giving of yourself
To help another,
For enriching someone
else’s life
with your presence.
For sharing your humanity
with humility,
And for many blessings
to come,
To read to a grandchild
To write a letter of thanks
To read the Bible
To understand a bill
Or a prescription
Or a sign
To apply for a job
To have a conversation
with yoru employer or a child’s teacher
To read a newspaper
To pass the GED
To feel worthwhile
To understand
To shop and read the labels.
By helping someone
turn the page,
You bless others with your gift
and in the giving
are twice-blessed,
you bless the learner,

They bless you back.