Luck of the Draw

Editor’s note: Today’s post comes from community leader and board member Jerry Bellune.

The need for Turning Pages tutoring constantly reminds me how lucky I am. I was born into a middle class family of readers and story tellers. My mother read to us at bedtime and taught me to read and write at age 4.

She wrote to my father who was away in school in Chicago several times a week. She always let me append a few words about what I was doing while he was away. That was a real thrill. I could picture my father in my mind reading what I had written. He was hundreds of miles away from us in South Carolina but with words we could talk. I have been reading and writing ever since.

My parents’ influence and my education have made major differences in my life. They led me to become a journalist, editor, teacher and business owner. Now I also write, edit and publish books.

I am far more fortunate than millions of illiterate Americans.

One survey estimates 42 million in our country can’t read above sixth grade level. That’s a shocking statistic in a country with mandatory public education. What’s even more shocking is that 1 million more join them each year.

To help raise money for literacy tutoring, we offer copies of my books for donations. If you are interested in a personally autographed copy, call us at 782-1210. For a $20 donation, I will autograph one of these inspiring books for you.

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