Volunteer Orientation

Yesterday afternoon I had a volunteer orientation session. This is one of my favorite parts of working as the volunteer manager. I love meeting new people. It’s so interesting to meet a person face-to-face after exchanging phone calls and emails. (If you’d like to attend a volunteer orientation, go to http://www.literacycolumbia.org and submit a volunteer application, under the “Become A Volunteer” tab.)

Yesterday’s group were all women —  graduate students, retirees, and a member of the Army. We reflected on the many reasons that an adult might grow up without learning to read, and the many reasons that an adult might decide that now is the time to learn. Each of us have different life experiences, interests, and goals, but one thing is constant – we all love to read and couldn’t imagine our lives if we didn’t or couldn’t.

At volunteer orientation, I ask people to introduce themselves by saying their name, why they decided to volunteer, and what is the best book they have read recently. I like to get to know people in this way, and I like to get a few good book recommendations.

In the comments section, feel free to leave your name (or pseudonym!), how you found your way to our blog, and a good book you’ve read recently!

I’ll go first… my name is Genevieve, I found this blog because I founded it (pun intended 😀 ), so as to better reach the community, and recently I’ve been reading Julia Child’s memoir My Life in France.


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  1. Volunteering has so many rewards,including the chance to meet people like Genevieve! Lately I've been reading a series of mysteries set in modern day Wyoming by CJ Box. The main character is a game warden.

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